Chandler Orthodontics
Meet the Team at Chandler Orthodontics

Your first visit to Chandler Orthodontics is a 30 minute consultation.  We gather your
medical and dental history and undertake a detailed examination to determine whether orthodontic treatment is right for you. 

If you are ready to commence orthodontic treatment, we will assess our diagnostic records of x-rays and clinical photographs. Evaluation of these records will allow Dr Chandler to determine the extent of your orthodontic problem and plan the best treatment for you.

After these records have been taken, the next appointment involves a detailed discussion with you to inform you of the proposed treatment plan.  This appointment usually takes 30 minutes and we encourage you to ask questions, ensuring that you understand your treatment and what is involved.

After this discussion, appointments will be made to commence your treatment.

Not all patients are ready to commence orthodontic treatment at their first appointment.  These patients are monitored on review every 6-12 months to assess their growth and development. 

Here are some of the incentives for patients;
• No referral is needed.
• We do Braces and Invisalign.
• Payment plans are available with no interest.
• Parking is available on site.
• We provide a tooth whitening kit after your Invisalign treatment.