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At Chandler Orthodontics, we comply with the highest possible stardards.

Infection control and sterilisation is one of the most important factors in every visit you make to our practice.  Universal precautions are taken for each patient to ensure you are provided with the highest standard of care in an enjoyable and safe environment.

The following precautions are performed;

  1. Sterilisation:  All orthodontic instruments are processed in the most up to date
    “Lisa 500” steriliser that exceeds hospital standards.

  2. Training:  At Chandler Orthodontics, all staff and doctors attend regular infection
    control update courses to ensure our techniques and procedures are of the
    highest possible standard.

  3. Personal protective wear:  For the protection of patients and staff, safety glasses,
    masks, gloves and gowns are always worn when undertaking orthodontic treatment
    and when sterilising instruments.

  4. Barriers and disinfecting:  At Chandler Orthodontics, all surfaces are covered with
    barrier wraps and are changed after each patient.

    At Chandler Orthodontics we are committed to providing the most up to date sterilisation and care for you and your family.

    Chandler Orthodontics Sterilisation Room